Supernatural Is Unique!

# 06/09/2011 à 08:22 luluxia
This show is unique! I look forward every week to see what they come up with next Supernatural DVD . I can not believe all the new ideas they come up with this show. We are a science-fiction fans, and this is the right our alley. In addition, these brothers are a good way of dealing with them not! The Simpsons DVD

Supernatural mainly focuses on two brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester, played by Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles as they travel across the country, hunting the supernatural. Padalecki was interested in the role for itself the horror series 30 Rock DVD such as The X-Files and The Twilight Zone, what he thought was similar to Supernatural.

It 'was also the pleasure of playing the' "reluctant hero", comparing Sam Matrix Neo and Luke Skywalker from Star Wars. Additionally, Padalecki had previous experience of the executive producers McG, David Nutter Dexter DVD , the first role to convince him to trial.

The actors are wonderful, great visual effects, the music they love. I prefer when stories are different from urban legends and supernatural beings and not too much focus on the demons. The show Entourage DVD should give up trying to bring a regular female characters, will ruin the show. Focus on the brothers and stories. If you want romance I watched Grey's Anatomy, which I do not.

# 07/09/2011 à 08:26 simpsons (site web)
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