Runescape December Plans

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Well, it is December now, the last month of 2014. And Christmas is coming. The weather outside is terrible, players in RS Gold still have lots to do. A series of Christmas content, Winter Weekends, A new elf-tastic Task Set, and Dominion Tower improvements are waiting ahead. Let’s explain the mysteries of Runescape December contents now.

The new Tirannwn Task Set is here, focused around Prifddinas, Isafdar Forest, the Underground Pass, the Poison Wastes, the Temples of Light and the Death Altar. There are 54 Tasks in all, covering a wide range of skills-mostly suggested by you on the forums.

A busy updating of the Dominion Tower has been done. They expanded its lofty halls to include a raft of quest bosses released over the past few years. Rumble mode is an all-new feature, allowing groups of up to five players to make their way to the roof of the tower and battle bands of boss monsters, using special new power ups and earning more dominion factor to spend on the tower’s updated rewards.

All members will get access to the special Festive Aura again this year, which gives double XP for half an hour every day. In addition, over the whole of December , special Winter Weekends is there to help out with all your training needs. Each has a special theme, starting with a skiller weekend.

This year, Christmas content are kicked off early, with three festive updates to Runescape coming throughout December. Getting involved with the Christmas content will earn you festive cheer, which can be spent on some ice-cool cosmetic overrides: a full snowman outfit and ice sickle.

Firstly, you will be helping out Santa with his Christmas deliveries, taking presents to all the good inhabitants of Runescape. The second update is a new boss, Snowverload. Face his huge array of frosty attacks and watch him turn Runescape into a land of ice and snow. Move him to the Lumbridge crater to finally take him down. Queen of Snow will arrive and offer a short miniquest to melt some snow elementals. For helping the Queen out, players can earn a fantastical device: a snowboard.

These features will be released one by one in December. Look forward to the FIFA 15 PS4 Coins new year contents. Have fun!
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