Now The Office is my favorite show of all time

# 09/08/2011 à 04:20 xenus001
I did not even watch the show on TV The Office DVDmore. I just wait for the DVD to be released and see the whole season in a week or two. And deleted scenes. And comments. For me, the Office together with a film where you want to know the background information, how decisions were made, etc. It is a mixture rich, concentrated, and satisfactorily humor Sons Of Anarchy DVDand character development. I do think that some plot lines take away from the humor, but I think they are a necessary evil that gives the show a good dynamic. For those who enjoy dry humor, but not "get" this show, I recommend the first season and Walt Disney DVDreally aware of the subtleties. I had to do (thought it was boring at first, jump into one of the later episodes). Now it's my favorite show of all time, supplanting the MASH, Cheers, etc. While not perfect, it is very close.Not I liked this season, the office, but I really felt it was one of the best seasons so far.I think there were serious moments of the evolving nature and thoseHow I Met Your Mother DVD like it really more like it. There were many times this season, where I began to feel that Michael was maturing and knowledge in a way that had not been before. I liked the arc between Andy, Angela and Dwight. I thought it was a fantasticOne Tree Hill DVD season for Andy Bernard, and it was really embarrassing for me in the first season, was this season and has really made people sympathize with him.
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