Law and order, A real and gripping drama

# 24/05/2011 à 04:24 lucus5 (site web)
Law and Order Law and Order DVD never gets old. I specifically ordered by cable to allow me to complete the program menu. Marathons never seem bored and are always a pleasure allowed.

Its inception in 1990, is interesting Sex And The City DVD. "Ripped from the headlines," is so appropriate. Many stories have been mysteries from the past and present crimes.

S. Epatha Merkerson standard is the beginning of a bitter-sweet end of the series. Lieutenant Anita Van Buren, can control and operate the unit efficiently and at the same time remember that suspects are people who have rights. House MD DVD

Sam Waterston as ADA, and later, District Attorney Jack McCoy continued to use strategies to judge that at the end pursued. He had several assistants over the years Nip Tuck DVD , he and the DA deserves the last days of the series.

Jerry Orbach as Detective Lennie Briscoe was loved as we have seen losing his daughter to drugs. An alcoholic who is recovering him firmly until he left the series in retirement.

A real and poignant drama The Simpsons DVD, L & O never gets old.
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