IPTV HDMI Stick Turns Regular TV into Smart TV

# 06/08/2012 à 09:17 lisa (site web)
You have one of those smart TVs, but do not really have the financial means to see one of those attractively Naked Eye 3D in the middle of your living room? But smart TVs may finally see their breakthrough. And if you don't want to shell out hundreds or thousands of dollars for a new TV, there will be cheaper ways to get apps on your existing or future TV: For example, you could consider Geniatech [ur=http://www.geniatech.com/pa/atv100.aspl]HDMI stick[/url] ATV100.

This particular TV Stick device ATV100 will run ARM Cortex A9 CPU Android 4.0, accompanied by 1GB RAM. Basically, plugging in the Geniatech Android HDMI stick will turn your TV into a Media Center that allows you to access media as well as play games on the Android platform, in addition to surfing the Internet or accessing your email. It definitely will not measure up to this solution though.
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