How to transfer DVD to Nabi 2 and Nabi kids tablet

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Summary: The best solution of transferring Blu-ray/DVD Digital Copy to Nabi 2 and Nabi kids tablet so that you can playback Digital Copy Movies on your Nabi 2 or Nabi kids tablet.

Nabi 2 doesn't masquerade as a real tablet. It is a real tablet! It features a NVIDIA Tegra 3 Mobile Processor with Quad-Core CPU and 5th Battery-Saver Core. It also includes 8GB of onboard storage, expandable up to 32GB with any MicroSD card. It's a powerful, full-featured Android tablet that is as fast and smooth as your tablet, but made just for them. They will experience console-quality HD games, top billboard music, and hundreds of hours of their favorite movies and TV shows. They will have fun learning with Wings Learning System - the most advanced, tablet-based adaptive learning system for mastering skill-sets and building confidence.

As a parent, there's a lot to love about nabi 2. It is not only can help your kid become self-motivated, confident, and independent through a personalized and effective learning system, but also can watch movie or play game with your children conveniently. However, as Nabi 2 Tablet can't play DVD movies directly for the lack of DVD drive. To make DVD playable on Nabi 2 or Nabi 2 Tablet, you need to convert DVD to Nabi 2 Kids Tablet compatible video formats with a DVD ripping tool.

There are a variety of DVD Ripper software on the market, but if you want to find a simple and practical software, here recommend Pavtube DVDAid, It can break the latest DVD protection and rip the DVD to the Nabi 2 or Nabi 2 Kids Tablet supported format like MP4 with the fast speed (It supports CUDA/AMD GPU acceleration.) and high output video quality.

DVDAid can also output a wide range video format including MKV, VOB, AVI, MOV, MPG, MP4, SWF, FLV, WMV, MP3, AAC, etc. for the latest equipment like iPhone 5S/5C, iPad Air, Kindle Fire HDX, Surface 2, new Nexus 7, PSP/PS3 and many other devices. It is easy to use for editing and conversion and makes great quality copies of your DVDs. And at the Easter, pavtube give the 40% OFF of DVDAid. you can click here to know more details.

How to convert DVD to Nabi 2 or Nabi kids table supported video format?

Step 1: Install the Pavtube DVDAid on your computer, and load DVD file.

Click the DVD diso icon to add DVD file, You can also add DVD folder or ISO file directly.

Step 2: Set output format for devices.

Select the output format for Nabi 2. Here H 2.64 MP4 is highly recommend. Click the Format option, and choose H.264 Video(*.mp4) from "Common Video" option, meanwhile don't forget select the destination folder to saved the converted video.


a. How to rip DVD to Nabi 2 with wanted subtitle and audio track?

Click the dropdown triangle button near subtitle list and audio list to select you wanted subs and audio tracks to be preserved in the resulted mp4 file for watch on Nabi 2.

In addition Pavtube DVDAid also offers an option called "forced subtitle", which enable you to see subtitle only when actors are speaking a different language, for instance if you specify English (your mother tongue) as your subtitle, and meanwhile tick off "forced subtitle" option, then when actor are speaking English, no subtitle will show up, but when they are speaking in French, the subtitle will appear accompanying with the French.

b. How to make a copy of DVD movies?

If you want to make 1:1 copy of original DVD disc without quality loss with all audio streams, subtitle tracks, extras, etc, you can click the "Copy the entire disc" icon to meet your needs.

c. Click on "Settings" you could easily set bitrate, frame rate, codec, channels, sample rate, etc to adjust parameters that affect video quality and file size for the video you prefer. After that, you can click on "Save as" to rename the profile, such as "Nabi Tablet (*.mp4)". Next time, you can easily find it in "Custom" category.

Step 3. Start converting DVD to Nabi 2.

Click "Convert" button to start the conversion. You can view the conversion progress and are able to cancel the converting process anytime. As soon as the convertion is done, you can click open button to get the generated mp4 file and transfer it to your Nabi 2 for playing back.

How to transfer videos to Nabi 2/Nabi Kids Tablet for playback?

1. Plug the Micro USB cable from your computer to Nabi 2/Nabi Kids Tablet.

2. A dialog box should appear asking you what you want to do with the new hardware. Select Open Device to View Files. If the box does not show up, you can go to Start Menu > My Computer and double click Removable Disk "No Name."

3. Next, look for a "Music," "Movies" or "Photos" folder, or create your own to organize the files you are saving on Nabi 2/Nabi. Select the files you would like to transfer from your computer by dragging and dropping them into the folder.

4. Once all files have been transferred, safely remove your device: Click Safely Remove Hardware on the bottom right side of your computer screen, then click USB Mass Storage > Stop.

5. Open the files by going to the Gallery app on your Nabi 2/Nabi Tablet.


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