Easily convert VOB to Galaxy Tab for playing without issues

# 04/07/2012 à 03:17 suki7799
Easily convert VOB to Galaxy Tab for playing without issues

Many friends have problems to play VOB videos on their new Galaxy Tab 2 10.1, most DVD rips with the filename extension .vob. This format is a container format. Different VOB videos may contain different audio and video codec. It's so complex that few media players can resolve it. According to the introduction of Galaxy Tab, it doesn't support this format, for this reason, you will meet many playback issues.


Actually, with the help of a professional VOB converter, our problem will be solved easily. Pavtube Video converter is a right one. It supports a wide range of video formats. In addition, it's equipped with advanced Acceleration technologies to make the conversion speed much faster than before.[/url] It has many optimized presets for Android tablets, Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 included. So your operation is rather simple. You may refer to the below article.

Step 1. After the installation, run this
VOB to Galaxy Tab converter, and add your VOB video files into it. It supports batch processing. You can import multiple files at one time.

Step 2. Edit your video files. After imported your video files, you can click "Edit" button to do some editing, like crop, trim frame by frame, split, 3D effect, adjust volume etc.


Step 3. Choose Galaxy Tab 10.1 video formats. Click on "Format play VOB on Galaxy Tab[/color] 2 10.1. During Pavtube Euro 2012 promotion. You can get the best VOB to MP4 converter with 20% discount. Don't miss it.

Learn more about movies enjoyment on Galaxy Tab, you may visit Pavtube Galaxy Tab Column .

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