DVD to Windows 8 Tablet-Copy DVD to Windows RT and Windows 8 Pro

# 16/10/2012 à 03:11 Vincent121
DVD to Windows 8 Tablet-Copy DVD to Windows RT and Windows 8 Pro

Microsoft has defended its decision not to include DVD playback support as standard in Windows 8, arguing that it would be unfair to buyers of ultrabooks and tablets because of limitations in licensing technology. The company faced sharp criticism when it was revealed that Windows 8 buyers wouldn't automatically get the ability to play DVDs, and that they would have to upgrade to Windows 8 Pro in order to do so. That, Microsoft says, is because it is altering its policy on codec licensing to serve the greater good.

It's a great regret that neither Windows 8 ultrabook nor the Win 8 RT tablet support DVD playing, but here's a solution if you wanna enjoy DVD movies on Window 8 tablet or laptop. Here we go.

First, you need a Window 7 or Vista or XP desktop – I bet you have one.

Now get a DVD Ripper installed on the PC. If you are Mac users, click here.

Then follow the short guide to rip DVD into videos that are playable on the Window 8 tablet/ultrabook.

1. Run the DVD to Windows 8 Tablet Converter, press "Load DVD" icon.

2. When the DVD movie is loaded successfully, press on the "Format" bar and choose "Window > Microsoft Surface Windows RT H.264 Video (*.mp4)" as the best output format.

3. To further compress DVD movie to Windows 8 RT/Pro tablet, you may press "Settings" and change the audio/video parameters. The task info shows estimated sizes of each file. Generally the lower bitrate you use, the smaller the output video is, and the less space it takes.

4. Press the big "Convert" button to start rip DVD movies to Windows 8 RT/Pro tablet supported video.

5. Now copy the ripped DVD movie to your Window 8 RT/Pro tablet or ultrabook.

OK, we're done. Now you can watch DVD movies on Windows 8 device without worrying that the DVDs will get scratched - they are digital copies now.

You can still step further if you like, the Pavtube studio also offers Blu-ray Ripper for Windows 8 Tablet for those who wanna create 1080p movie copies from Blu-ray collections.

Hot News! Click the follow picture: Pavtube Special Offer - 35% Bundle Discount, you can get:

ChewTune($29) + Blu- ray Video Converter Ultimate($65) = $75 (Windows or Mac)

Blu-ray Video Converter Ultimate($65) + DVD Creator($35) = $65

Blu-ray Ripper($49) + DVD Creator($35) = $49

DVD Ripper($35) + DVD Creator($35) = $45

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