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Some people planning to travel, enjoy nature. Students also began a adventure before summer. But "otaku", what should we do? sleeping? No! That is a waste of time! We should take a time to enjoy the movie to enjoy better life from now.

In late April, a lot of movies have released DVD disc, like The Bag Man, These Birds Walk, Bettie Page Reveals All! and so on, what contains the Drama, Documentary, Thriller, etc.., let us purchases for them and enjoy a different movie world. Here, lists some already released or upcoming DVD disc, for your reference.

Disc is a fragile product, it is easy to accidentally damage. If the disc is rented, it is necessary to give for some compensation in return. But no matter what kind of situation, we can not play movies. Here we recommend a simple way to backup DVD Discs, you can makes 1:1 copy of original DVD Disc without quality loss into video files with all audio streams, subtitle tracks, extras, etc. And you can freely copy files to any player. If the format is not supported, you can also use the software to convert format supported by the device. Because the discs have a lot of information of commercial advertising, if you do not need this part, this software can also help you to directly backup the main movie. This powerful software is Pavtube DVDAid, click to understand the detailed procedure.


Aiming to improve customers' experience and product improvements, Pavtube Studio recently launched its new official website - with the new website, Pavtube has migrated its all BD/DVD Copying & Ripping software products to the new site with some brand new names, fantastic discounts waiting for you:

DVDAid (Windows/Mac) -> DVDAid (Windows/Mac)

More detailed information is published on

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