Convert iTunes movies to MP4, MOV for Windows users

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With M4V Converter Plus, you can enjoy purchased iTunes movies or iTunes movies rentals on your common video players freely

M4V Converter Plus Inc. is a software company that offers iTunes M4V video conversion solutions, which has added a new M4V converter - M4V Converter Plus for Win to its product list. It is a good M4V converter and DRM removal tool.

M4V files are iTunes video files. It is a standard file format for videos for Apple devices. M4V files are more and more popular as apple company’s products are highly welcomed by many people.

However, Though the M4V videos are supported by Apple devices. It will clear original files of Apple devices during the sync process, which may be you don’t want to delete. So how can you watch the M4V movies more freely on your iPod, iPhone or other common players like HTC? Besides, you cannot play your iTunes movies on more than five computers at a time. How can you share your iTunes movies with friends or relatives without authorization?

With the help of M4V Converter Plus for Win, these problems are solved easily.
Firstly, it can convert protected or unprotected M4V videos to MP4, MOV, AVI, MPG, 3GP, MPEG-2 videos and MP3, AAC and WMA audios. Whatever you want to output, you will find one to fit you.

Next, M4V Converter Plus for Win supports a lot of output presets for iPod, iPad, iPhone, Sony PS3, Apple TV, Gphone, Blackberry, iRiver, Creative Zen, Xbox 360 and so on. You can choose one as the target output according to your requirement. You can also reset the parameters if you have some special needs.

Besides, it supports batch conversion, you can select all files you want to convert and it will automatically convert them one by one.

Furthermore, when the conversion is completed, the history records will be saved automatically and listed according to the profile. You also can shut down automatically after converting.
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