Convert AVI/MKV & Rip Blu-ray/DVD to MP4 for Motorola Xoom

# 09/10/2011 à 07:54 lisa198754
Do you have a Motorola Xoom? In fact, Xoom tablet only supports MPEG4, H.263, H.264 , Resolution: 1280 x 800 pixels video files. This means you can’t play blu-ray and AVI, MKV, MOV, VOB, AVCHD, Mod/Tod, etc movies on the Xoom tablet. I googled for such softwares and was so happy that find there was a software called Brorsoft Blu-ray Video Converter Ultimate can help you rip DVD/Blu-ray and convert AVI/MKV movies to high quality H.264 MP4 for playing on Motorola Xoom at the same time.

Blu-ray Video Converter Ultimate is an all-in-one video converter based on NVIDIA CUDA technology. With it, I can convert/transfer AVI/MKV & rip/copy Blu-ray/DVD to Motorola Xoom quickly and easily. Then I will be able to play/enjoy my favorite Blu-ray/DVD and Video on Xoom whenever and wherever.

How to copy Blu-ray/DVD & transfer AVI/MKV to Xoom without any trouble for enjoying anywhere and anytime with Blu-ray Video Converter Ultimate?

Please free download the best Blu-ray Video Converter Ultimate and prepare for Blu-ray/DVD and an external BD drive first.

Step 1: Import Blu-ray/DVD & AVI/MKV video files to the best Blu-ray Video Converter Ultimate.
Launch the best Blu-ray Video Converter Ultimate, and click the “File” button. From the sublist, click “Load from disc” or “Load from folder” to load your Blu-ray/DVD movie from disc or folder; click “Add video” to import AVI/MKV to Blu-ray Video Converter Ultimate. You can tick the box in front of the file you want to rip or convert. If necessary, you can double click the each file to have a preview.
Tip: If you wanna combine your AVI/MKV & Blu-ray/DVD video files into one file, you can tick the box “Merge into one file”.

Step 2: Select an output format for Motorola Xoom and set the output folder.
Click on the dropdown menu of “Format” and then move you pointer to “Android” > “Motorola Xoom HD 1080P(*.mp4)” which is the compatible format for Motorola Xoom. Well, you can also choose “Motorola Xoom HD 720P(*.mp4)”, “Motorola Xoom HD 720P(*.mp4)” H.264 Video which are all compatible with Motorola Xoom. Then you can set the output folder by clicking “Browse” icon as you need.
Tips: If you wanna edit AVI/MKV files, you can click the “Edit” icon to edit, like cropping, trimming, adding watermark effect, deinterlacing, merging, rotating and more.

Step 3: Click “Settings” icon to adjust audio and video parameters.
Click the “Settings” icon and you will go into a new interface named “Profile Settings”. You can adjust codec, aspect ratio, bit rate, frame rate, sample rate and audio channel in the interface according to your needs and optimize the output file quality.
Note: To keep 1080p HD quality on Motorola Xoom, you’d better set the video size as 1920*1080, set bitrate as 30 fps. Remember the higher bitrate, the better video quality while the larger file size you will get.

Step 4: Start converting AVI/MKV & ripping Blu-ray/DVD to H.264 MP4 for Motorola Xoom.
Click the “Convert” icon, and it will convert AVI/MKV & rip Blu-ray/DVD to MP4 for Motorola Xoom immediately. The best Blu-ray Video Converter Ultimate adopted NVIDIA CUDA technology makes the conversion task finished at 3-5x faster speed. You can find the conversion process in the Conversion interface.

The best Blu-ray Video Converter Ultimate as the most professional package tool, it also is capable of reading all subtitles and audio tracks in a Blu-ray/DVD movie, including Dolby TureHD Audio and DTS-HD Master Audio, which enables you to select whatever subtitles and audio tracks in the source movie as you like, no matter your mother tongue or other foreign languages.
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