and purchase contact gain deputy :Guangdong ,tender agency Limited Procurement : Boluo County below the Po River Reservoir Project Management Office contact: Miss Lai contact

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7400 zt11-05-06 Since respiratory mechanical Cheap UGG Boots lung simulation system ,mechanical simulation of lung and other equipment purchases the 1 batch of 73 XM-0000014226110323013 modish noninvasive mechanical ventilation technology research and development and a prevailing generation of intelligent non-invasive ventilator for 122 zt11-05-07 software and LabView evolution platform ,Gao Min flow pressure sensor and additional equipment accretion an batch of 49 XM-0000014226110323013 prevailing noninvasive mechanical ventilation technology research and Cheap UGG Boots evolution of fashionable Generation of intelligent non-invasive ventilator development 122 6 concise technical requirements : to meet the demand for laboratory use .7 the bidder qualification: one in the folk legally registered ,has one neutral lawful personality of the suppliers ;2) the bidder shall encounter the verdict of the people China Government Procurement Law provisions of treatise twenty-second of always conditions ;3) the bidder must provide a gain agent to purchase the tender document and log,never apt procurement agency purchase bidding documents and registration of the latent bidders never eligible apt contend in this bid ;4) only in legal and financial independence lawful operation and independent of the procurement and donation agent outdoor suppliers apt participate in the tender ;5) the bidding products shall conform to the stipulations of relevant state departments of the corresponding technology Cheap UGG Boots vigor saving ,safety and environmental standards .
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