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African art tradition consists of different art forms created by numerous tribes and for various individuals like African royal families . This African tribal art is seen as one of the finest creations in the world of artwork. Africans utilize art for cross-cultural dialogues, personal therapies and to communicate with gods and ancestors. Hence, art is an essential part of the daily African living. The main materials used for many African art forms was timber, which was decorated with clay, shells, beads, ivory, metal and feathers. Face masks and figures are also the most important kinds of art forms which were utilized in religious celebrations. The tremendous collection of each one of these African art forms along with their replicas can be found in different African art galleries worldwide.

These galleries display the most desired and authentic artwork pieces of the African art culture, which is difficult to acquire elsewhere.

There are a variety of African galleries in different cities that promote their local along with international African artists. Some of these galleries attempt to take part in a minimum of 10 big expositions every year and there have been many shows of those galleries in the U. S. too. African artwork is known for its culture and tradition. Most of the African art forms depict the knowledge of aesthetic principles and latest advancements, religious as well as ceremonial values along with other moral concepts. Hence, the job of numerous African artists assists to have a detailed understanding about the African people, their traditions and also their wildlife through numerous oil paintings and other art forms. The Hamill Gallery of African Art and also the Mark Art Gallery are among the many African galleries located in different areas of the world.

African galleries showcase the unique collection of African art that includes Tribal Face masks, Statues, Figures, Paintings, Ostrich Egg shell decoupage, cultural clothing, Djembes (type of drums), fabrics, jewelry and other artifacts. Although a suitable knowledge of the African history is necessary in order to understand African art, the work displayed by various African art galleries gives an idea concerning the visual impact as well as spiritual power of the tribal artwork created for princes .
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