30% OFF! Stream and Play recorded 2014 FIFA World Cup Tivo files on HDTV with best quality

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Tags: Eager to experience a wonderful audio-visual enjoyment by viewing TiVo recordings from EyeTV on your HDTV with family? Here offers you a simple Tivo to HDTV solution.

2014 FIFA World Cup is a crazy party for football fans. They rock and roll, screaming, drinking, dancing, and singing to celebrate the days on which they can show their crazy fancy for football and their idols.

If you are one of these footaball fans, you have asked your families or friends to record the games with DVR at the spot, or you plan to get EyeTV to recorded some *.tivo recordings on your Mac, then you may ask is it possible for everyone to sit before HD TV to watch your tivo files with recording every single World Cup matches?

Unless if you know where to look, this can be a hard job as the recorded TiVo files usually are not compatible with most media players, TVs we adopt. Thus, if you want to get a world cup tivo recording to HDTV, it's advisable to convert TiVo files to HDTV accepted format for better preservation or sharing with family and friends.

To accomplish this, Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate is highly recommended for its easy interface, efficient workflow and reliable video quality. It can not only help you fast convert video to HDTV supported format, MP4, MKV etc, but also allows users trim out commercials freely on their own.


For Mac users, Pavtube iMedia Converter for Mac is recommended to you.


Now get it installed and let's start to quick convert world cup Tivo to proper video formats for HDTV on PC with perfect videoaudio sync technology

Part 1: Transfer TiVo to PC

It takes a while depending on length of TV program you are transferring. Make sure your TiVo and computer are in the same home network, and follow this guide to proceed TiVo file transfer:

1. On your PC, launch TiVo Desktop for PC (click to download), the freeware that transfers shows from your networked TiVo box to your computer.

2. Click "Pick Recordings to Transfer." A window showing your TiVo box's "Now Playing" or "My Shows" list appears.

3. Highlight any title in the list to see more information about the show. Check the box next to the title of the show (or shows) you want to transfer.

4. Click "Start Transfer." Transfer times vary, but may take as long as the show's duration to complete the transfer.

Part 2: Convert recorded 2014 FIFA World Cup Tivo to HDTV friendly MP4 video

After transferring to computer the TV recordings are saved as .tivo files. See below how to convert TiVo to HDTV playable videos.

Step 1. Download and install Pavtube Tivo Converter to your PC.

Launch it and press "Option" button. Switch to "TiVo" tab in Option window, and enter TiVo Media Access Key.

Tip: How to find your Media Access Key on TiVo: Go to "TiVo Central" menu >> "Messages and Set Up" "Account and System Information", and your Media Access Key would be there.

Step 2. Drag and drop recorded 2014 FIFA World Cup Tivo to the main interface for converting.

Step 3. Click "Format" and select an output profile for your HDTV.

Click the Format option, and navigate the mouse to HD Video > H.264 HD Video(*.mp4) as output format.

Optimize the settings – The default settings may not satisfy you, and you can click the settings button to change the settings by yourself. Keep in mind that the file size and conversion quality is based more on bitrate than resolution (bitrate higher results in big file size, and lower visible quality loss, and vice versa).

Step 4. If you're happy with the output videos, just press the "Convert" button to begin encoding World Cup TiVo to MP4 for HDTV.

When the conversion ends, you can enjoy the recorded 2014 FIFA World Cup videos on your HDTV for sharing with your friends and family without any hassles.


- You can edit 2014 World Cup video: to add subtitle, crop and trim video.

- You can rename the downloaded 2014 World Cup video.

- You can preview 2014 World Cup video capture screenshot during conversion.

- You can merge videos into one if you have recorded two or move 2014 World Cup videos.


How to trim out commercials?

Click this edit icon on top:

Then you enter the Video Editor.

Check the "Trim" tab, enter the start and edit time manually, or you can drag the small point on progress bar. There're are two small icons to let you adjust frame by frame.

Don't forget to click "Ok" to confirm the change.

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